I need an artist to create a simple level for me.

I am a programmer and I am currently 70 percent done with my game. The only problem is that I have no art. I am looking for anyone who can create a simple 2d level similar to but not inspired by the picture in the link. I am currently attempting to make games for the android and possibly the pc. If I get any compensation I will give the artist 2 percent per level. You can contact me through here.

Also I need the assets (door,chairs, lights) separated so I can add the to the game via tiled. If you are interested hit me up. I can guarantee that the game will be coming out by the end of this year. :slight_smile: Thanx.

The theme of the first level is Halloween. Think Dracula’s castle but in 2d. Castle walls, torches ect.
Another concept is a haunted house. The drawing has to have 3 levels.


If you want to attract anyone, I’d recommend giving more than 2% or just giving none at all.