I need an invisible object to reflect on a glass

Ok so im making a table with glass top, and i put a plane next to the table so that the glass gets some reflections, but i dont want the plane to come out on my final render…

i tried some wierd stuff but i cant get it right… does anyone know how to do this :s


This is one way to do it

  1. Make a plane shadeless (or with emit value) and move it to layer 2.
  2. In the Render/Layers tab deselect layer 2.
  3. Try to find a sweet spot for your reflective thing… make sure it’s above the light so it doesn’t cast shadows, or click “This layer only” in the settings for the light so it only give light on the layer it’s on, preventing it giving shadows on the reflective plane.

A simple test scene Reflective-test.blend (386 KB)


Thnaks guys ill take a look at both :slight_smile:

You delete your plane at all and use an environment texture (aka world texture) to have nice reflections on your glasstable.
That’s what they are for (besides IBL)

If it does not need to move (still image) you simply add a texture to your glasstable and let it affect the reflective channel.