I need an "Outliner" or Object Browser

I just want to ask, if you know, if there is an browser in blender like the outliner in maya or any else 3d programm like cinema4d.

I mean, just an overview with all my objects in the scene.

Many greets


Yes, the OOPS window, icon in the window meny on the left of the header.


I had already asked that on bf-mailing-list/forum* but it seems not interesting for the others or point not rather critical into a workflow :confused:

And after that, some guys provided few mock-ups but they complicated a stuff which had to be pretty simple and then the thread was forgotten …

Anyway Ideasman is working on Oops’s improvement, and if it is done, it could help a lot while outliner is missing.

it’s weird… outliner is the most basic element within a 3D app and a prog like Blender lacks of that. even K3d, Ayam or again Wings3D have an outliner.

well…stand by…

Shift-F4 is the internal data browser, but you knew that already.


thank you very much,
shift + F4 was the thin, I searched for.


Toby :wink:

I think that the OOPS window could be mightily improved if it were done as a vertical scrollable list of expandable nodes; the outline-view that’s popular in so many products.