I need critics on my work

Working currently in proyect salvation, dont know if someone read about a guy looking for volunteer work on a sci-fi videogame.

now im looking for an opinion on what I’ve created for it.

I dont know what your polygon budget is but id suggest a bit of bevel on some of the edges.

If your poly budget doesnt allow for it, maybe you could fake the bevel with textures, heres a trick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHbhBwmCmXI

The one element that looks a bit lacking are the windows. Are those windows or light sources? It’s hard to tell. At any rate they don’t look very realistic. Perhaps a bit of a gradient would help? Otherwise it seems fine. I like the wear on your texturing, at least if this is ground-based. If it is intended for space, then I’m not sure it would wear that way. More likely you’d have some impact damage, possibly some scorch marks, and UV exposure. But the drab olive suggests a ground base.

For spaceport and mineral dispatch hangar; aren’t those paint/finish wear and tears huge? I can see they’re like 3~4 pixels in the texture but considering the scale of the models.

the proyect is a mobile game and the structures are for a mountain stage. there will be snow and forest stages.

Nice texturing, what is your workflow for this creation?