i need help again!!

ok heres the .blend file of my game im in the process of making.(title idont really know not good with names)

just push “p” in the window with the car to start the game, you can move the mouse like a regular mouse and use right click to pan around the car(notice the mouse stops when you pan) (these contribute to the main problem, the mouse and the mouse pan), mouse scroll is used to zoom in and out, “w” is used to raise the car up (didnt incorporate the down function yet)

#1 the mouse isnt an actual mouse its a mouselook function in an overlay scene(change scene to “HUD” to see what i mean) so i cant use the mouse click logic which is a main function in my game. i would like to have a regular mouse and the mouse click-to-pan function where the regular mouse stops when your in panning mode.

i used the mouselook.py for the mouse because i couldn’t find a… … … mouse tracking script(i guess thats what it would fall under) for it. of ones i tried i think the pan function conflicted with it but it is another function i want to keep( it was made by solarlune, who is really awsome btw,

#2. is there a way to get the camera to not go through the wall or car or anything solid for that matter.

#3 is there anything you can think of, that goes in a garage, that can fill the window sides of the garage. all input is appreciated.

sidenotes- the mustang is not mine, taken from “fordmustang257b” i just tweaked it allitlebit, to use the mustang just undo the end dynamics logic brick and delete the “maxleft/right steer” property from each wheel, i haven’t figured out how to set that up yet. mabye you can tweak it some more to get a more realistic feel.

input i can give- go to http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/Game_Engine/Tutorials_index.html you’ll learn alot./ use what other people have already accomplished makes life alot easier(just give credit where credit is due)

best input i can give- just mess around with stuff, you’ll be surprized with what you can accomplish

finally, (i know this is a long post) i would like to thank you all for your time and effort and hopefully i wont have any more problems that i cant solve myself.:smiley:

thanks for the info, i tried the the function in your demo and yeah thats what i want, so how do i go about installing the BGHelper in blender 2.57(whatever the latest one is)

now to find to find Andrew-101!!!

Well, an easy way on Windows is to just put the module (BGHelper) in the Blender directory, next to the executable. When you make a standalone executable, you can include the script (or the compiled one that Python generates next to the script) with the executable.

ok, got it, and it works nicely, thanks again solarlune