I need help! calling all experts!

Hey everyone,
here is a project i’ve been working on, it’s going ti be a desktop background.
i was just wondering if anybody knows how i could improve it…make it less flat, or more realistic.


how about trying a different angle for the camera?

well i mean better lighting, it’s not really reflecting anything, although the stone and text are very reflective.

Well Photoguy, as garuhh said:

If your surface (stone) is highly reflective as you said, then even still at that angle, with the camera hitting a flat surface dead on, you won’t be able see any reflections not even of the light(s) if you don’t have it positioned directly on top of it, which I see you don’t. You’ll only get shadows at this point. Unless you place “flecties” behind the camera (above the image in this case). But it still would look somewhat 2 dimensional.

what should i use for “flecties”

oh yes, also how do i get a good black leather look for the bible?

To Photoguy: Random shapes and or objects.

To Photoguy again: Darken one, and multiply it.


thanks!, happy thanksgiving!

Anytime. And back atcha Photoguy. ;).

by experience, bibles are much thicker… regardless of the religion, the Book is big.

it’s just the angle, it really is pretty thick.

is it supposed to be like a wall mount or something, where those letters are stuck on the wall? If so, make them thicker, and put a light above them to cast their shadows down onto the wall.

Hi, can you post the new version of image?

ok, soon as i get blender to work again