I need help :D

Good day guys! may you help me how to create a game portal in blender 2.65. thanks

Could you be more specific please?

im a frien of Takeo

any kind of portal… that transform from one place to another… at one specific scene. like this…

but it doesnt work (we used blender 2.65)

we need urgent help… thanks

one place to another place like this…

but it doesnt work… (blender 2.65)

friend of Takeo

ah… i created two rooms that are distant to each other. and i want to have a portal to link the two rooms.

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~| we dont know if the installed blender 2.65 or the coding are the problem…

we try to work on this… but doesnt work. :spin:

try this out. nothing fancy but you can improve it to how you need.


portal.blend (419 KB)

Thank you Goalatio… i will try it :slight_smile:

Thank you sir! that was a great help :smiley:

no problem. welcome to the forums.

may you check my work, Sample.blend (438 KB). it not connect on the python script,.
sorry, i was new in blender :slight_smile:

you forgot to rename the object for each portal to portal1 and portal2, and to assign a game property “portal” for the collision detection to work

@Goalatio thanks for the info…

friend of Takeo.