I need help! I'm having trouble with the physics engine

Guys, i need help! I have a problem with the physics engine. I wanted to add a chain physique to the necklace. but chains are scattered everywhere. how can i fix it?

could you please share your file (only keep the chain itself)? https://pasteall.org/blend/

bro I try everyhing. finally i spoiled everything. if you can fixed i’d be happy.https://pasteall.org/blend/f5746d15ccc64fbca247759e60970563

seems a bit heavy for my computer, maybe share a lighter version with several links only?

of course. whatever you want


  • apply the scales
  • set origin to geometry
  • make sure that in the Physics > Collisions > Shape, you have selected Mesh
  • increase the size


bro sorry. I wil send feedback.

bro, its dosent work. it didn’t work. Maybe if I try the physics engine in another blend file. Maybe it will work

please share a file with only few chain links, as I say the first file you shared was too heavy :wink:

it works fine if your choose Collisions > Shape > Mesh
it’s a bit shaky though, I’m looking how to avoid…

my brother when I use too many chains it just scatters around. I could not understand why. when i have problems the program slows down and i get 0.13 fps

I know that physics in Blender are not perfect yet, but there are ways to fake it, you could create a plane with Cloth physics, join your whole chain into one unique object, give it a Surface Deform modifier with the plane as Target:


man it would be nice if you can throw the blender file to me. I will imitate.

here it is, if you ever don’t understand something, please ask

CTRL A and select Position … after which you have no more scatter.