I need help improving my Window glass mat - reflects too much

I need to see the buildings on the other side, way more than I see the HDR landscape. Pretty much as it shows in the screenshot below.

Viewport screenshot:

Screenshot from 2020-04-18 14-53-13

Actual render (Eevee). As you can see this is too much :frowning:


Window_glass.blend (575.8 KB)

Thank you in advance guys!

There are 2 factors affecting the optics of windows, the light coming from indoors and the light coming from out doors.

Make your indoors source weaker and your outdoors light source stronger.

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Nothing like truly understanding the issue at hand eh?

Thank you so much Felix :slight_smile:



As it can be seen in this render, even with a Sun light at 30 the HDR image shows too much.
This nodes setup supposedly use the HDR file for lighting the scene while allowing me to choose a solid color. But I’m not sure it’s working.
Is there a way to continue to use the HDR file for lighting the scene while a “different” image shows for reflections only? (I’m thinking city buildings would suit this better)