I need help keeping the armature deforms in exported models

(dwmitch) #1

I have a model that I made and posed in Blender, which I saved as a VRML file. I opened it in my model converter program, and it had its arms sticking back out. Is there any way to get a deform to stick or will I have to pose using lattices?

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Even if you don’t think it’s possible can you say so so I can quit racking my brain trying to figure it out?

(theeth) #3

You could write your own exporter using the function:


(name) - Get the raw mesh used by a Blender object

(name) Name of the object to get the mesh from

This returns the mesh as used by the object, which
means it contains all deformations and modifications.


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Thank you. By the way, I love that song you quoted from. George Harrison was my cousin. Not the George Harrison, though. In fact, he sang House of the Rising Sun more than any Beetles’ song, but it’s cool to be able to say I was related to George Harrison, even though he passed away in the '80’s.