I need help modleing images i drew please help

I’m somewhat new to blender and I wasnt really learning the program fast
so I wanted a challange I drew 3 pictures and I scanned them onto my computer to modle them. the only problem is I have no idea were to start

Please help
thank you,

Ps: if you can help via skype my username is keyepic

Hi, that’s a pretty big question as we don’t really know what you want to model or the results you’re looking for (image, animation, prop etc); but I’d suggest you find some tutorials on basic modeling and start out with something simple before moving onto more complex. Blender Cookie has a lot of very good tutorials, even some ‘create this model’ and ‘create this scene’ tutorials you can follow along with. The best advice I can give is start simply but always challenge yourself toward the more difficult.

this is the thing im trying to make now it seemed easiest

fire dude help.blend (513 KB)

I hope this can help you. I made this after reading your post in about 15 minutes. Super simple shapes and materials. The blend file is attached for you to dissect. :slight_smile:

whoa, you have to teach me a few things, would you be willing to? this is pretty good