I need help (new to animation)

i am what you would call brand new to animation. i have actually never animated anything, but i want to and i will waste away my life learning. if someone would tell me how to do a step-by-step simple animation they would truly be in my prayers. nothing special. just a basic animation like a man moving around.

i will pay you 1,000,000(US $)…well not really.

TEACH ME :slight_smile:
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problems with the above post:

  • all caps subject line
  • subject has little indication of actual topic
  • neglected specfics [what have you tried so far? what do you want to do?]

I could continue, you wouldn’t be interested though

what skills do you have now? [model? texture? drawing? stick figure flipbooks?]
what are you looking for? [do you know blender’s anim tools yet? are you looking for advice on technique? have you used another application like blender?]

okay, several of these things you’ve answered above but several things I can still ask

do you have something you’re trying to animate yet?

enough rambling, check this out:

also look in sticky threads and search for video tutorials

http://blender.active-domains.com/you can allso look in there for many tuts.
this one should be good for beginning> http://blender.active-domains.com/c798.html

As said by z3r0 d, please no cap in title.