I need help understanding how to model anime eyes, quick question

Basically as the title says, I just want to know how anime/manga eyes are usually modeled. I want to get a close result to some of the games out there like kingdom hearts and what not. This is the only part where I can’t get it right and everything else is much easier to do. I just want to know if anime eyes are made using spheres or just a flat shaped plane made to fit the eye area and then just texture it.

The thing is I want to animate the model and the game I plan to work on is going to be a 3d world set in a sidescrolling perspective so you won’t see the face too straight on almost like the mario games out there. If anyone can give me a quick tip or answer that would be great, I want to pursue modeling as a career so I want to make sure I’m doing things the right way.

Anime eyeballs are way too big to fit inside anime faces if the eyeballs are spheres. So you have to flatten the eyeball. One common way to do that is to make a spherical eyeball, then put it inside a lattice and flatten it out that way. Spherical eyeballs are easier to rig, and the lattice will take care of the deformations. You can also use a lattice to make those odd oval shaped eyes some anime characters have.