I need help with the link rig of the character Snow

Hi. A few days ago I downloaded Snow’s rig from the blender studio page and wanted to use it with blender 3.5. I followed all the steps including installing CloudRig, linking the character to a scene, saving and reopening the file, but when reopening it some meshes are warped. Looking for the cause it seems to have to do with the armature modifier, disabling it seems to fix the problem but obviously disconnects the mesh from the bones. Does anyone know what could be happening?

I’m sorry, you lost me here:

From the Snow webpage the instructions are:

Snow is a generic character rig you can use to learn and practice your animation skills, created by us here at the Blender Studio.

Notes on how to use the character

  1. Put your 3D cursor in the Origin of your scene. Choose File > Link and browse the character file
  2. Go to the Collections and select CH-snow. Make sure “Instance Collections” is enabled. Press Enter.
  3. The Collection should appear instanced in the Viewport. Select it.
  4. Choose Object > Library Override > Make.

The Cloud rig isn’t mentioned and shouldn’t be needed here. It also shouldn’t affect this at all, totally unrelated to what you are doing.

There are 2 ways to access stuff from other .blend files - Linking and Appending. Linking is for working with a team of artists, where each artist might be modifying various files. This probably isn’t what you want. Instead, you should be Appending in the character, this brings in a exact copy of the character. Where as linking is just that, it links the character’s file into your scene, so the character is reloaded every time you open the scene file. Hence why it works for teams, so you see changes each artists has made.

To me, for simple uses, it’s easier to just start with the character rig file. Append in the background props, then save the file as a new file so you don’;t overwrite the original character file.

Keep it simple,

Hi, thanks for replying. Yes I am aware of the ways to import characters to blender, in this case my purpose is to learn a production workflow so I must use the linking method (I am using it for my animation classes). My question specifically was if linking this character did anything to cause some meshes to warp like this and if so how could I resolve it, I saw similar questions on the character’s website but no solutions.

Installing cloudrig is an extra step to get the FK/IK switch panel and I don’t think it should affect the current behavior either, I’ll try disabling it anyway

I already tried appending the character and everything works as it should, it’s only the link that has the problem, it also seems that the pose library disappears when linking (although that may be a limitation of the link)

OK, I understand what your doing. You’re not the only one having problems with this, (or the other one, Rain maybe is her name?) rig.

Linking shouldn’t cause this. As to resolving the issue, maybe use the ‘Report’ button on the website next to the download link and report this problem?

Like I said, I’ve seen others have this problem, so I was curious and downloaded the character myself. I linked it into a blank file and it worked just fine. Then I saved the file and re-opened it and this is what I got:

Unfortunately, I have to leave and won’t be back for a few days, so I haven’t time to look for the problem now, but I see there is definitely a problem.

Sorry I can’t be of more help,

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Oh. I forgot to write the solution, @AndyCuccaro helped me with this in a discord forum, I’m sharing it in case someone has the same problem in the future:

“Right click on the collection you linked, scroll down to Library Override → Troubleshoot → Resync Enforce”

It seems that it should be done every time you open the file where the character is linked.