I need help with the .obj 's .mtl file settings

When i export a model to .obj for the texture paths i used strip texture paths (file names only)
i noted those 2 problems,
1)the prefix // back of the texture short path (strip path) was missing as a result when i import to blender to not appear the textures
(that was the small problem that i fixed it opening the .mtl and adding the “//” prefix back of each path myself)


2)at the specular map’s texture settings, in the specular category, the ticked box specular>color had been unticked
while the export and it was the specular>intensity box ticked instead as you can see at the image below:

the specular>intensity should not be checked

the specular>color should be checked

i opened the .mtl file without any luck of finding what i should put at the back of my specular map path (marble_spec)

i tried to put the settings below (i have aslo write their effects for you):

  1. map_ka but it was for ambient map (the ambient was checked)
  2. map_bump there’s no reason to try the map_bump becasue i know it’s for the normal/bump map as it says
  3. map_kd but it was for the diffuse map (diffuse>color)
  4. map_ks it was already checked from the beginning , it was for the specular>intensity map that i wanted to change
  5. map_d but that was for the diffuse>alpha
  6. map_Ni the texture map had dissapeared from the material>texture (so i put it back to ks when i done)
  7. map_Ns the texture map had dissapeared from the material>texture (so i put it back to ks when i done)

So, what i must write at the back of my texture path in order to enable the specular>color ?


it says i must put Ns for the specular highlight component.

when i put Ns then the texture does not even appear in the material (it dissapear)
do you know if i must put anything in front of it?
maybe instant of map_Ns something else like glow_Ns or any prefix?


I got these values to export file:

newmtl Moi1
Ns 96.078431
Ka 0.200000 0.200000 0.200000
Kd 0.640000 0.640000 0.640000
Ks 0.500000 0.500000 0.500000
Ni 1.000000
d 0.500000
illum 3
map_Ka D:\Gfx\Textures\jpeg.jpg
map_Kd D:\Gfx\Textures\jpeg.jpg
map_Ke D:\Gfx\Textures\jpeg.jpg
map_Ks D:\Gfx\Textures\jpeg.jpg
map_Ns D:\Gfx\Textures\jpeg.jpg
map_Tr D:\Gfx\Textures\jpeg.jpg
map_d D:\Gfx\Textures\jpeg.jpg


Whenever i do the specular_color texture (map_Ns) does not even appear in the material.
do you know if this is just a blender’s bug or something like?

what’s your export-import settings?

Export settings are default + Selection only and Write materials. Import settings are default.

It still doesn’t work…do you know any plugin for blender that is a correct .obj exporter?

i’m sure blender have to focus on proper compatibility and correct the importers and exporters at it’s next versions.

btw what OS do you have?
maybe it’s on windows only.


Win7. Try Collada (.dae) ) format, usually its the best format with Blender <> another software.

Are you sure you got your map names right?

From my understanding the specular color texture is not map_Ns, but map_Ks
map_Ns relates to the specular hardness.

I had tried to export as .dae before but it does not put the “//” prefix and i don’t know how to adjust it by myself the .dae to put the “//” prefix with notepad.

Do you know any software/converter/viewer/editor that i can adjust the effect maps and export it again as .obj or to any other format?


I want to enable the specular>color
The map_Ks is for the specular>intensity

the map_Ns relatives to specular>hardness?
if the map_Ns relatives to specular>hardness then
what map_* relatives to specular>color?


See here: It is the intended behaviour on Blender’s obj import/export that map_Ks is saved and loaded as specular color. Instead it was only saved as specular color, but loaded as specular intensity.

I take it this is fixed in very recent Blender builds.

ok, if this is fixed in the very recent blender builds let me quess those builds are the not yet published alpha or beta builds
(i already have got the 2.75a version of blender)
when those builds will be published for download?


You can find fresh builds almost daily here.
If you’re on Windows, just get a recent .zipped version, unpack it wherever you like and try it out. It will not interfere with your installed version of Blender.

Thanks IkariShinji!
I will look at it to see if the problem at the newer versions of blender is fixed.

It worked!
I downloaded the “Blender-2.75.0-git.d9fc988-AMD64” version of blender and i import the .obj without any problem.
The specular>color map was finally ticked!

only the normal map in the “image sampling” should have ticked the “normal map>tangent space”
but this is a very small problem which it also was at the previous versions of blender.

i’m sure this will be fixed soon (it’s importer’s theme, since it detects a normal map it should automaticly do that)

Thanks IkariShinji for the given link!

Have a nice day!