I need some help modeling a cartoon character.

I’m trying to model a cartoon character:

Her name is Edna, I’m trying to model her, I did good till I got to her head.
Here is an image:
The Head is always the thing I have trouble with.

Looks like you could scale the head up on the Y axiz to make a quick fix - the overall shape should be the same except you will have the volume you need. These character designs work best if you have drawn a side profile view as well to make sure you are building with the correct form, similar to modeling cars from two or three views.

I did some quick layout but it didn’t work. The main problem was her ears! They are huge. The head geometry is mostly her ears you know. You can’t just teak the head model around it.

So I did quick cube thing. I rounded it and pull the ear out to get that geometry going. I added few loop cuts and formed the head and ear together. I added loop cut as I went to refine the geometry: