I need team for making game for Android with gamekit engine

hello all I am looking for 1 modeler and one programer pulse me to produce the game I have the Idea for great android / iphone mobile game and I got average modeling and programming skills but I dont want to make it all alone so I need a small team just me and 2 others maybe 3 others

so I need one modeler (blender)
and one programmer for unity 3d engine and he should be able to port the game for Android / ios (with unity) so he should have the full version of untiy with android and ios able to run and build
because I dont have

so , my Idea as I said very cool fresh and fun

her is my idea

so how its will go

  1. i am the director and the producer of the game
  2. after we are complete nice team
  3. we make the game … programming modeling … QA by me (about 2 months)

please show me approved work by you to apply for my team


Whats the game about?

Can you show us some of your previous games ?

this is the idea

you know basically

this is the game about … basically

what you can do is start small. Do some of the models yourself (even if they don’t look like a pro did it. Build a demo .blend so people see that you have some idea of what you can do and how the game should work.

I fell fell down this rabbit hole, but know i am doing a small project which i can handle and i know how to to do most of it with out help. Remember its best to know how you do it before asking others to help. also read @sdfgeoff stuff . it’s good reading.

yes I agree with you

I actually looked into this (4 hours between classes) so i made a basic “hit the bird” game. it was of course basic. the birds followed a random animation path and you start with 5 balls, every time you hit a bird you get points. Also you can do a 2d version in C#, game maker,game editor.

thank you for your all tips and info , okay in the last its depends on the size/type of the game and fps games which you are trying to make with your team yes its usually heavy games and take years of development , but my game is casual small light and fun and for the mobiles because its the age of the mobile apps , game like this can be made with 1/2 months when you have professional programmers
and i am totally agree with you its not the blender even with gamkit engine for this mission

I am very happy to listen to that :slight_smile:
so did you make it in the c# ? and its working just on the pc or for the android too?
can you send me the game? to see what you did ?

i did it in blender 2.49. it was on a hp mini. You can use unity for C# if you have the 2.5.6 version i have the ports to Android and ios ( i got them last year while they had a free 4 hour give away. what do you code in. i can send you the blend once i rebuild it to make it clearer to understand. that will have to wait though. i broke a finger this morning and i am typing this with one hand.

sorry for your finger bro :frowning:
but come on its just finger :stuck_out_tongue:

ehm, back to the business :slight_smile:
I always didnt like the unity3d for their price and games developed with unity have bad Performance on mobile devices because it compile C# and javascript to java
but if you offer me free port for android and ios , thats sounds good for me, but if I download higher version of 2.5.6 and sent you the game you will not success to port it ?
and I have average experience with unity
so I dont understand you are in this project ?
you want to be the programmer or the modeler or what ?

sorry meant to say 3.5.6


no i am not in the project. I am doing model request on deviant art…i might be able to model some of the things you need though…what i will do is this. Once you have the game working send me the file and i will compile it and send you the andoid/ios/mac/pc files. you can sell them, all i want is some credit.

then maybe you can help me on my game.

maybe I should go get some freelancers to work with/for me cuz my skills on unity is sucks and I dont have the potencial to strat learning javascript (for unity) and its a lot of time to learn … to make like this game