i need to upload my animation

any sites do that for free?


I know you can upload animations, but I am not sure if there is a size limit.


wow! that was a quick answer! thanks!

where is the upload option there? :-?

Also try maj.com. They’re free, reliable, and I believe they accept most basic movie formats.


It has been a long time since I have used mud puddle (I have my own domain now). If I remember correctly, and they have not changed it, after you register for your free account, you log in and it takes you to your area. There should be a drop down with a bunch of options. You can then “Add File” or “Add Picture” or whatever it says. Even though it may say “Photograph” or “Picture”, you can still upload movies and .blend files.


hehe…this is a funny question…how do i save an avi file? (OH BOY IM SUCH A NOOB)

either (you need to be on windows) you choose “avi codec” in the renderbuttons and choose an appropriate codec, or you do it in a professional way and render the animation as single images and postprocess them with whatever video app you got.

and because of the upload. the other possibility is to as someone with a blender website like me :wink:

dont understand :frowning: i changed it to avi but…how do i SAVE this?

Hmm, the AVI should be saved when you press Anim and all the frames are rendered. It is saved in the same place as pics normally go - at the location in the top box at the left of the render buttons. Does that help?

i choosed avi codec and clicked “anime”, the pictures appeared in the tmp folder, but no .avi! why?

When you click the “Render” button (or press F12) it renders the current frame, which you save with F3. This you probably already know.

But, when you click the “Anim” button, it renders all the frames and automatically saves them as it goes to the place specified by the first box in the Output panel.
eg if the output is set to PNG and the first box reads “C:\render\movie_” it will save “C:\render\movie_0001.png” etc (leaving off the .png if extensions isn’t turned on, in the same panel).
If AVI (or another movie format like Quicktime) is selected it would call it eg “C:\render\movie_0001_0100.avi” if the animation goes from frames 1 to 100.

Of course the folder has to actually exist before blender can write to it.


i didnt understand a thing…what should I do to create the avi file? (maybe my english is too bad to understand or something…), where should i go, and what should i click to make the animation (i’m so sorry for being such a stupid noob guys)

in F10 buttons, in the output panel, set the top box to the folder filename where you want to save the avi file.
Then set the output type to AVI and click the ANIM button.

That’s it, your avi file is rendered, and saved, as the filename you gave, with some extra bits on the end of the filename (which you can rename the file to get rid of later if you so wish)

thanks for helping!

i would www.putfile.com is your best bet

either something is wrong with that link or i’m blind and cant see the register button

new problem! it is 4 sec…and 50 MEGA!!! WTF?!

please search for it. there is alot of information around…