I pre-ordered The Wii !!!!!

Man I’m happy!I just Pre-Ordered. I’ve been waiting for the Wii for a year!

I just can’t wait for this revoutlon in gamming.

The motion controller, free online play, free Opera!! web browser, intense katana fighting, precise sniper shots, weather channel, free wii sports, mii, message boards, Virtual console, and of course ZELDA!!!

Ahhh… thats some good gaming.

What does the Blender community think about nintendo’s next new gen console?

For as long as I haven’t played it for at least 5 hours, I will not judge it.
But from the sound of it, it’s gonna beat the PS3 and the Xbox360

I can’t make an informed judgement (I haven’t tried it, etc…), but I really have to say that Nintendo’s recent spree of “revolutionizations” are really just a load of gimpy selling points, with really no useful function. Again, though, I say that I haven’t actually tried it yet, so I can’t say for sure.
If I’m looking forwards to any one system, other than new computers (the only thing I’d actually buy, money provided) the one I’m most interested in by far is the PS3. I gotta say, changing the name to “wii” didn’t help.
“I prefer to wii (wee) in the bathroom, not on the rug in my living room”, etc…

sorry about the rant, I really had to get that out of me.

congrads on wasting your money on a console instead of a computer that can do everything better than a console and will actually cost you less money ever the years.

Yeah I was thinking about the PS3 too but then I looked at the games and said what the crap, all these games I can get for my 360! I just don’t see the point in paying $600 dollors for a machine with the same games you can get for xbox360 for $400. I mean look at it for yourself, nearly all the games coming out are also coming out for the 360 except for a few games. A few games that don’t nearly seem good enough to justify $600.

Listen people just get a 360 if your gonna get a PS3. Get the same games for much cheaper! The exact same games!

As for the Wii I got passed the name, but I’m looking for fun here not a name I like or even a brand I like. They could of called it Grampa Shit for all I care I’m getting it because of the games. I mean that is the point right of getting a system to begine with right, to buy fun games. And as far as I can see nintendo’s got the games, some freaken fun looking games.

sorry for my little rant.

EDIT{ yeah I know but I’ve already got a computer I like, plus I got enough for a wii not a computer!}

Good choice in a console! I think Nintendo is going in the right direction. They are looking towards innovation with the “Wiimote”. I still have to pre-order one.

I think people need to get over the name. They also need to get rid of this idea that graphics make the game. While we can all agree that having a game that looks horrible often takes the fun away, there has to be enjoyable gameplay. If the Wiimote is such a bad idea, why did Sony add a tilt sensor to their controller? Nintendo has realized that extremely high end graphics are not only expensive to put into the machine, but are harder to use in the games. I have heard that it will be a few years before the games studios can fully utilize the PS3. I think Nintendo will reach its goal of making an insanely popular game system besides the DS. While I can’t say that the conroller is going to be great, but I’m guessing it is going to be incredible.

@ ouch - Of course it is going to cost more money over the years to buy a Wii. It is a high quality machine that will have tones of great games. Not too many of the games Nintendo makes are bad, so I am going to have a hard time not buying them.

Personally I have yet to think of a game cube game I would actuall pay money for (I do buy games, I just bought BF2, I’m gonna buy HL2 EP1 soon), and there are even precious few I would actually play, even if I was bored, and it was all set up. there were a few good N64 games, and about 2 good GBA games, and 1 DS game. that makes about 8 games from nintendo I would play.

However, this is just personal preference, and if you wish to disagree with me, by all means do, and if you want to buy the wii, and you will get your money’s worth from it, then go ahead, and all the more power to you.

I’ll just wait a year and then buy one.

ok, i’m gonna be a bitch here, but despite the fact that Wii has interesting games and gameplay, there are awesome games coming out for the PS3 that ARE NOT coming out for the other systems. If i may suggest, you should read the November issue of PSM, because it has a nifty little section somewhere near the middle that lists the PS3 exclusive games, and many of them seem interesting (to me, at least. some are racers or sports games, which i don’t play). while graphics don’t “make” the game, they are a vital part in selling it. remember, most consumers are idiots, so they’ll probably buy something that looks photorealistic. then again, the games listed in the article appear rather playable (if not oh my god!! fun). Stuff like Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, and Metal Gear Solid are what have given life to the Playstation franchise, and they aren’t leaving any time soon. so, enjoy your Wii and all those little games, just remember, if you want exclusive action games, with photo realistic graphics, you know where to go. just, be sure to sell everything you own first, 'cause this crap’s expensive:mad:

ps - we playstation fans only hate you because you have Zelda and we don’t

Long live Devil May Cry! At least the first and the third. The second sucked arse.

I was disapointed with the GameCube, and I spent afair amount of money on it.

So I’m going for PS3, even if it doesnt become popular gaming wise. Its is still a powerfull machine and with Linux can be used as the centre point of my network. :slight_smile:

Some of the best Gamecube games:

  • Smash Brothers Mele

  • Metroid Prime

  • Metroid Prime Echos

  • The Legion of Zelda: Four Swords

  • Resident Evil 4 (I haven’t actually played it, but many say it’s good.)

  • Beyond Good and Evil

  • Pikmin

  • The Gameboy Advance Player (Not a game, but still nice to have.)

  • Windwaker (Don’t let the graphic style fool you.)

  • Animal Crossing (It’s surprising how addictive this game can be.)I know I must be leaving some out. The point is, Captain Oblivion, there are Gamecube games worth playing, and I’m sure that there will be some really great Wii games to play, such as:

  • Metroid Prime 3

  • The Legion of Zelda: Twilight Princess

  • Rayman Raving Rabbids

  • Super Smash Bros. BrawlThere are bound to be even more great games for the Wii than for XBox 360 and Playstation 3 combined, because the Wii is the console developers are most excited about working with. This enthusiasm to create new gaming experiences will show through in their work.

but I really have to say that Nintendo’s recent spree of “revolutionizations” are really just a load of gimpy selling points, with really no useful function.

where would we be without nintendo, if MS and Sony were the only console developers then we would end up with overpriced computers, because thats the direction they are heading. Nintendo has introduced some positive change for once and you can be sure that by the time the next ‘next-gen’ consoles are coming out everyone else will have followed suit with their own little gimmicks.

The PS3 isnt going to be a bad console at all, it will have superior graphics to the others. but in my view if you want graphics go buy a computer, its a better investment anyway, games have more depth on a computer.

i dont have any intentions of buying a PS3, Xbox 360, or a Wii, i will stick to my computer. but if i had a choice i would go with the Wii for price and the fact that you can bet the games will be twice as, if not more, fun to play than on either of the other two.

Well, I’ll make this short…

Anyway, I’m not going to preorder a Wii but I’ll definitely get one. In my opinion it is an absolutely innovative concept which is far more important for me than improved graphics or stuff like internet access and who-cares-anyway. I buy a console for good gameplay and nothing else. And here Nintendo clearly wins the match-up for me. Not only do they offer refreshing ideas, but also great series like Zelda, Metroid and SSB.
Plus, I have always been a Nintendo fanboy…

For game cube, one of the best games is Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

wii haters are going to get pwned! I’m going to be playing red steel and zelda suckers while your PS3s overheat and die. hope you guys can afford the system and a game too - rumors have it some may hit $100…

well, with any luck, if the ps3 does indeed come with linux on it, it’s only a matter of time before someone makes emulators to work on the ps3. so, in the end, ps3 user’s might be able to play wii games, if they have the right programs. whatever, i’m just waiting for the day when no one cares and there’s only one system but with different components to buy. wait a sec, that’s a computer! OH NO!!

considering they had to shove the PS2 HARDWARE inside the 20lb monster because they just couldn’t get cell to emulate a PS2, good luck with that. wii is more powerful than an XBOX. and good luck playing wii games without a wiimote and your crappy, unworkable wii-knockoff side-to-side “motion” sensing. without rumble.

well, i’ll give you the hardware bit (man, they suck with emulating… should have tried making cell more programmer friendly), and the controller (did they not realize that they could have tilt and vibration, but just have the games not respond to the tilt when it’s sending info to the rumble?), but controller hash-ups are still possible, so sometime or another, someone’s going to make a controller resembling the wii controller, but for ps3 (and then be promptly sued by nintendo). or, nintendo can be clever, and sell their own wii emulator and usb controller converter to be used on a ps3, then they’d be able to sell games to those who have a wii, and to those who have a ps3. kinda like when microsoft bought the maker of virtual PC, and can now market their products to mac users (though that’s practically pointless, now that macs can boot to windows). whatever, it’s all so pointless. i’ll take notes now, and in 15-20 years, i’ll just download all the games i wanna play.

Wii, how am I supposed to get used to some wand type thingie like that. I’m made for normal controllers and Xbox 360 is nice and powerful. Besides, Bill Gates once said on one site, ‘what if you die and you just want to put the controller down’