i redid my site!

woooooooo! my friend piler came over a few days ago and taught me flash… and so i redid my whole site
i have a non-flash site link as well for people with ‘eye problems’(lol) or for those who dont have or hate flash…


i have to say, flash compresses really well, the whole site is only 150kb(excluding the full size pics)…its just like loading one picture =) and its so fast and smooth after it loads, a DEFINITE DIALUP PLEASER
so tell me what u think eh?


flash… hmm. well, I dont have a player here… but yesterday I managed to get my flash-5-plugin to work, with sound even… so I will check it when I get home… but it’s version 5 only… hope it’s enough?

anyways. I like your chair.jpg! I love chairs. and this is a good chair!
I have asked you this more than one time before, but I have a reason for it (you seem to know what you are doing) : how did you light that scene?
is it again hemi+shadowspot?


i think it needs flash player 6 but im not entirely sure =\

u like the chair? =)
its lit with radiosity, no lights…one of my few radiosity pics

your flash site looks great! :smiley:

Dont steal my shit!!! argh… he he he!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley:

The non-flash site is a lot better. Flash is overrated and ugly.

I like your site either way with or without flash. The important thing to me is what is in a site , what is in the gallery and I must say your work is great so you have that part with aces.


no its WAY under rated…

  1. faster for dialup
  2. only has to load once
  3. super delcious compressions make loading the whole site like loading one small picture =)


ugly? well thats just a matter of graphics opinion… =D
sigh, this ‘flash hating’ attitude is getting really old and worn out =\

It looks excellent. I can sometimes understand the anger at flash when someone can’t see a site at all becaues it’s all only flash. But you offer a good alternative to those who don’t like it. So they should have nothing to complain about. Oh well… can’t please everybody.


Hey that’s awesome! Maybe I will make my site like that also. I don’t know. I got to get back some of my old files first. I like your site, keep up the good work.

I like it. People don’t hate Flash itself. They hate gratuitous, badly implemented Flash. You’ve made good, functional Flash.

Ah - the Masta pics. The good old days when everyone on blender.nl was shitting bricks.

Your “dont do drugs! not even the medical kind!” pic is so cool! very realistyc (ecept the head, but it give the pic a cool look). I LOVE YOUR WORK! I am with blender for about a year now and I cant make the half of what you are making! I hope I will be as good as you in a near futur! :smiley:

It’s way OVERrated, usually by people who are in business to convince everyone that instead of navigating content using a simple, straightforward interface, they need to wade through a bunch of visual junk that is neither helpful nor necessary (marketing types). An efficient, logically-structured site is far more likely to get repeat visits from me than a visually bloated Flash site any day.

I think that there are some specific applications where Flash offers some true benefit, but it’s my opinion that these are far fewer than the number of flash-based sites.

Bear in mind, that my opinion of Flash has nothing to with the quality of the work you’ve produced with Blender.

its cool =D
i like the visually bloated flash sites though =) especially the ones that make it seem like navigatinmg a control panel in the future =D lol

I really like it. Its very intuitive with no long intro that needs to be skipped. i’ll have to go and learn flash when I can find the time of course.