I see red

I’m using 2.40 alpha.
I get this recurrent problem, whenever I go to a menu my views turn red on black background. Also when using the knife tool. Sometimes the problem goes away when I reload, but comes back later; sometimes it doesn’t go away. Particularly nasty when trying to cut and I can’t see the grid lines…
And now I was tring to save a dump jpg of the edit window and the moment I hit Save As the screen reddens and is saved red.
Whatever that reddening code is for, may I ask for its removal?

Could be a prob with your drivers.
I remember when using v. 2.36 I had menus and buttons turning to black whenever they were “out of focus”, that’s developers slang for “mouse leaving a button”.
The button would reappear when I tried to press the button.

It was strange and it went away when I upgraded to v.2.37a.

I take it it’s a bug, then… I have an Nvidia 6600GT based card, 128M, with the latest drivers from Nvidia; I’m in WinXP Pro with all patching up to date. Mobo is Asus A8N-E, latest bios flash, 1 gig DDR, Athlon 64. The problem so far only occurs in Edit mode, with the screen split into 2 views. BTW, it’s not the menus that go red; it’s the 3D views that go red on black when I open a menu over them. And not all menus; --so far only the File menu and the knife tool seem to cause this.

I’ve got a 6600GT too on XP, and I noticed some strange menu and window behaviour myself.

I managed to stop it happening by disabling Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering in the Nvidia settings. Just switch them off Globally, and if you use AA or AF for any games, create profiles for them.

After I did this, Blender worked fine. :smiley:

Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean yours will work, but it’s worth having a look at :wink:

That’s probably it then; I have them maxed out :smiley: I’ll try that, thanks.

I thought I had latest drivers (a month old) but they weren’t latest. Anyhow, that, plus defaulting FSAA to none, did the trick. Thanks again.