I should probably have got here sooner, archviz progression

Higher-res here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ErADhJxwCwdyltLDxrQVNhEPBg49F9Pf/view?usp=sharing

Hey guys, this is another step in my learning curve of improving my understanding of Blender, as well as improving my skills as an architectural visualizer, a lot of time was spent wrestling with cycles, memory shortage, particles for the vegetation, fog, compositing in Photoshop, plus a lot more, I love it and I learn so much with each new project.

The render does have a fair bit of noise, I will look to improve on this in the near future, but when it comes to composition, colors, and theme, I am pleased with the results

Never the less, I am here to learn, and I love and welcome all thoughts and ideas on how to improve this image/composition.

Thank you.