I started the 2nd stage of the Ginger Bread man tutorial in which you have to animate

I started the second phase of the starters tutorial in which you have to animate the Ginger bread man on Blender.While i was adding armutures i read something about pressing ctrl,N and 3 .When i did that with the lower leg armature selected .The ginger bread man vanished and all i could see were the armutures i had placed there in his shoulders and legs .What happened did i mess up? .Now would i have to start the Ginger bread man tutorial entirely from the beginning again?Any body?

try ctrl-h but not sure what you might have pressed.

i pressed ctrl-n and 3 .Thats when my ginger bread structure disappeared leaving only the few armitures placed there:(

3 on the num pad is the side view. Maybe it moved the view so you can not see the model?

The Ginger Bread structure is just not
there any moreā€¦

oh also sorry the numbers at the top of the keyboard are the layer numbers so you probably switched to layer 3 and your mesh is on layer 1. So click the first layer or #1.

Are you in 2.5?

Here is a tutorial for the interface


And one for 2.49

Im using the current version i.e. Blender 2.57 B