I take everything Bad I said about blender back

So I originally started off using blender for animation right? I loved it, but my renders were crap, and for my render times I hated them. Then I found out about cycles. Whether it was my computer or blender, the LONG render times weren’t worth the quality. So I quit and went onto maya. I learned a lot there, but recently came back to blender because my friend wanted to make a game, and I have the student version of maya so we can’t sell it if I make anything in there.

My friend told me to look up some modeling tutorials so i did, and followed one. I HAVE NO REGRETS. I MISJUDGED CYCLES AND BLENDER ENTIRELY.

Though it may not seem like much, I love it. I’ve never gotten anything this realistic, even in Maya :slight_smile:
I take back everything, and this was just something basic according to the tutorial! Can’t wait to work with blender more! Wish me luck!

Preachin’ to the choir :wink:

But yeah I guess lots of us have used Maya and other software at times for various reasons, and they all have their strengths, but Blender certainly holds up and excels in many areas. Cycles rocks for sure!

Earlier this year one of my final Uni assessments, using physics simulation was going to be a Maya project. In the end Blender’s implementation of Bullet rigid bodies was just measurably more powerful, and capable of doing things Maya wasn’t (in my experience) able to handle! (see Sisyphus Engine in my sig…). Blend on Sauchee!

Yeah, once you get past a certain threshold it’s a revelation.

Good luck!

Cycles is intimidating at first. I came to Blender from C4D, which has a pretty good material system (especially since they intriduced the reflectance channel). When I started with cycles node base, I was like, “What the hell, how do you know what’s happening?”. Now, on my (rare) trips back to C4D, I’m like “What the hell, where are my nodes?”.