I think I found some famous Youtubers' Steam accounts

So I was going around looking at Steam profiles and I may have stumbled onto Pewdiepie’s Steam account, and if it is not that one then it may be this one. While I was at it I may have also found Markplier’s Steam account, and Jacksepticeye’s Steam account. What do you guys think?

I don’t understand the question. Think about what? The fact those people have steam accounts?

I think what Advent Crown is asking is do we think those steam accounts belong to the Youtube stars mentioned.
This is PewDiePie’s steam account. Not sure about the other two.

@ Macser: I was asking if you thought that the accounts belonged to the Youtubers that I mentioned.

@ polygobblerr: Most people seem to believe that it is Pewdiepie’s account but if you looked at the videos that Pewdiepie uploaded in the last few days you can tell that the account is fake. For example: on June 13, Pewdiepie uploaded a video of himself playing “Tekken 7” online. The day previous, Pewdiepie uploaded a video of himself playing “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”. This person, does not own either game in his steam library.

I think celebrity worship is cancer and you should just pretend you didn’t see them.

Actually, this is Jacksepticeye’s account, he’s friends with Toast Ken’s verified profile, and, in his astroneer video, we can see his name when he hovers over himself, which is the exact same of this account (and it has a cuphead pp which is one of his favourite games)