(I think i saw) Particles in Yafray?

Hi guyz! see this:

Mike has done a render in Yafray for particles. Now as far as i know, Yafray does not support particles then how did that image render?

Please note that i m no pro at blender and a beginner.


Yafray supports object particles, but not halo particles.

So if you have a object, such as a metaball, a chile of the emitor and turn on dupliverts for the emitor, you can render to yafray.

really? :slight_smile: thanks a lot fakeplastic… so it means we CAN do a birds animation or 10 footballs dropping from sky :slight_smile: ? thats cool enuf…

Already replied to an email about this topic, but thought I might post it here as well jsut for clarity, and in case it helps others:

My name’s “Matt”, by the way :wink:

To be pedantic and technical, yafray does render particles (which are abstract like vertices, just points in space) but it doesn’t render halos (which are the default material for particles).

The movie with the blue lines wasn’t rendered in Yafray, but the bucket movie was. If you look inside the .blend file, you can see how it’s done. If you make the particle emitter the parent of another object, and turn on dupliverts for the emitter, the child object will be duplicated for every particle. This is what I did for the bucket movie - I parented a small sphere (ball) to the particle emitter, which made the ball get duplicated on every particle. Since the particles are now represented as objects and not halos, yafray can render them just fine.