I thought I had this fixed

I don’t know why my simple bear with simple armature flies off the screen instead of falling to the ground. This should be an easy one. See attachment. If I set his mesh to be actor/dynamic then he falls to the ground but then he doesn’t move forward, right, left or back wards correctly. Use the arrow keys.


GameMaze.blend (497 KB)

I notice that the armature’s collision boundary has a direct effect on the armature flying away. Not sure why I can’t increase the collision boundary on the armature so the mesh sits flat on the floor.

Is this a BB (blender bug)?

I wonder why blender will not let the collision boundary out side of the mesh? If the collision boundary is outside the mesh at all then the whole thing flies away in the game engine. LOL! I need to think more like a Dutch person to figure this one out.

i had this problem too, so i made a cube and made it the parent of the armature.


GameMaze.blend (502 KB)

You can’t skin the rig properly then?

I figured out what the problem was. ----> The mesh needed to be and Actor/Ghost. I had a peek at the Duk Duk file and figured it out. Anybody know why that is? Is it a parenting issue with collision boundaries?

if a dynamic object is inside a solid object (dynamic or not) it will try to get out- this is simple. Now, logically, if this solid object is parented to the dynamic object, when the dynamic object moves to get out, the solid object follows, so it ends up just flying away. Either the dynamic object needs to have compound bounds on, if you need the child to be solid, or the child has to be ghost (or no collision, which is more efficient)

I never thought of it like that. Thanks for breaking that down in plain english.