I tried the lion tail herb!

Leonotis nepetifolia. I didn’t try the more famous leonatis leonurus.
My review? It works, after smoking two cigerattes of the flowers, I had a small buzz. Not too light. It does work for anxiety. Doing my reading about leonurus, I found it that it has the fix for lots of my problems. Anxiety, histamine, diabetes, obesity, hunger, inflammation, and a need for a buzz. The anxiety part might work because of the anti-histamine property.

I like the plant alot, I am going to grow both leonurus and nepetifolia. I have the dirt. Waiting for seeds and nursery pots. I think I can make some money from it. Here in Florida, I can sell dry herbs without collecting sales tax. I just need to make certain to report it on income tax. I can also sell the seeds this way.

I decided to get two live plants along with the seeds. One is leonurus, the other nepetifolia. I can tell them apart by looking at the leaves. If I can manage to get enough of these plants over the coming years, I can start a small cottage business, and earn about 10k per year. This might depend on the rising and falling prices of leonotis flowers.

I feel so much better now that I have this flower.

Please tell me you didn’t get this idea from one of those click-bait internet ads?

Granted, I know nothing about Lion Tail and the claims about it, but the majority of cure-all claims are usually pretty sketchy.

It was not about the cure, it was about the buzz. And for this review, it does work, just a little bit on the weaker side. I read that it’s much stronger when the herb is fresh. They said it looses potentency with time. If it does work as much stronger, I can put a harvested date on it. As for the cottage business, I would have to sell local only. It’s how the law is written.



You can see here they changed the limit to allow 50k per year. And they have the dry herbs listed.

Something I can do, is open a booth in a farmers market. If I can find out the laws and zones for it, I can open a road side stand.

even If I don’t try and sell it, I want it for myself. This stuff is expensive.

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WithDrawal! my church said they wanted us to fast for at least 1 day a week. I took monday off from leonotis nepetifolia. About 24 hours after taking the herb last, I started getting a head ache. I then started have irritation in my eyes and forehead. I had to lay down and close my eyes. I felt sick. Then the head ache broke after about 4 hours. I am now feeling good.

When they gave reviews about leonotis, they said there was no withdrawal. I am reported the withdrawal I recieved.

Edit: “…There can be hangover or negative after-effects the next day if dagga is taken too much and in high doses. I feel very tired and unwilling to do anything next morning. Mild headache…”

I will try this after I recover.

However you can double check about the effects or side effects and make sure is not dangerous.

In order to feast (or people who are on a diet) essentially it means cutting away essential energy and calories for the daily function of the body. So this means that you can replenish this energy loss with high calorie and high protein supplements, sold in legit pharmacy shops. Perhaps something vegan might be a double win here.

“What feeds you, kills you. It’s all in the dosage.”

It’s an organism that helps guiding your organism / body - it just shows you a path, you still need to have the will, the mind, be mentally skilled to sustain self without it or at least keep the healthy balance. As it goes for everything, every matter, with time the body, your organism gains tolerance thus dosage varies & it is why feasting is a must. Guess you were taking too much and the body got used to it (got addicted) why you felt physical pain getting off of it. Being in constant flow, interactivity, frequency, resonance, … are properties of everything of matter thus be aware to always seek balance (especially with stuff not being part of your surroundings, local environment - in global sense - not being part of the genetic code). Once you get it into the habit, leaving it behind becomes almost impossible… suddenly a reality hits - wasted time, life on someone else’s idea, feeding dream of some other entity :japanese_ogre: