i-tunes 7, now with movies and TV shows!

Cool stuff! I can finally watch Stargate SG-1 season 10 (good news for you too, Tynach), but each episode is about half a gig.:frowning: Very nice if you have broadband and a really big HD, though. I was wondering how the quality would be, but it turned out to be broadcast quality.:slight_smile: The picture was cable-clear on our TV and aliasing/pixelating was hardly visible on our 17" CRT monitor at 1024 x 768. Unfortunatly we could only listen through our PC speakers. (I’ve GOT to get an audio splitter…) The price is reasonable too, at $1.99 per episode. Anyway, has anyone else downloaded a movie or TV shows with i-tunes yet?

View these screenshots full-size on your monitor and tell me how the quality is. Please provide screen size, resolution, and CRT or LCD.



Nope, I use uTorrent and a lack of shame. Works great.

And VLC, can’t forget that.

VLC is the bomb. Personally, I can’t stand Itunes (I’m not quite sure why, it just bugs me)

My friend has some south park and stuff from Itunes though, and the video seems reasonable quality, but the Itunes video player doesn’t play them well (ironic, no?)

the pictures are slightly antialiased/pixelated on my 1280 X 800 LCD screen