I uploaded my problem charactor rig to pasteall.org, can anyone help?

where is the link I am suppose to give from paste all so people can check out my blender file?

I cant parent my bones/armature to my mesh. I think my mesh is to complex. bone heat warning

It’s your URL after you upload the file.
Copy and paste it. It will be in the same place your web URL is for whatever browser you are using.

This is the only url i got http://pasteall.org/blend/ after uploading the file??? it doesn’t look right???

Then you didn’t up load it. Here is the result after you upload your file. It give you this URL you need to paste here so we can look at your blend. Select your file. Hit Upload. Wait a couple of minutes. Copy the URL and past it into forum.

is my file to big or something? i check and my file is 126,858 KB. according to the online conversion calculator my file is 128 megabytes. I guess i screwed up when making my character I used alot of subdivsion and I added in detail using sculpting and dytopology. But when i was sculpting when i tried to make ears and a nose my sculpt tools would not work unless i subdived and used the dynotoplogy. What am I doing wrong? is there still a way to animate it?

You must share the link above your browser “after” PasteAll informs you that the file has been uploaded correctly.

You save the file with a different name from “Save As” dialog, and you see how big the file is if you check the “Compress” box to the left of “Save as” dialog:

Or you compress the .blend file yourself with .rar or .7z (7-Zip) formats. In addition you could use other services to share your file, for example Dropbox or Google drive.

i compressed it and it is at 31 mb just 1 mb shy of the pasteall limit, I will upload to google drive and see if then you guys can help me out.

my file is 128 megabytes

Read the second line in pasteall

here is the google drive link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x6rznu2IC3MJa4o1wRrweugbcUuNP0XG/view?usp=sharing

Blender crash when I select the Armature in the current version of Blender 2.8. Do you get that Blender crash?

No. Also i created it in 2.8 and i hear that its not backwards compatible with 2.79. What i did do though is export the character as a .obj and imported it back into blender 2.79 but I still could not get it animate/parent to the armature/bones.

It crashes Blender when I try to point the cursor to the mesh. Appears to be a bug.
Anyway your mesh is not insanely dense… 1.5M tris should be rigged…

When I download a a low poly base mesh figure I was able to parent and animate it with no problem. I think the problem is with my mesh and a bug. I also exported my mesh as a .obj and then opened it using blender 2.79 and still not animate it.

To check for bugs, use the 3d print toolbox addon. It’s already shipped with Blender.

Another thing, if you are just beginning to learn Rigging characters in Blender, you use only stable version of Blender (2.79b is the last stable version released). And you try to look for tutorials on YouTube about it.

It wont work in 2.79 either but i can get low poly base meshes to work.

how do you pull up the 3d toolkit menu in 2.8?

Nope, just tried, it doesn’t seem to work… :neutral_face: