I used blender to make pinball commercial

I’ve been loving the new denoise function it saved me hours of render time.

Looks great! Did you actually rotate the ball or just move it around since it’s pure reflection?

I’m curious since i did some animation too today, for me the most problematic seamed to be glossy materials.
But the ball here shows reals good.
What where your render settings (and how much time you used p/ frame), or is it some material trick?

In certain areas, I simulated the ball, like that last scene but for the most part, I just parented the ball to circle and moved that around without animating the rotation because of how reflective it was.

@ Razorblade
I used the new principal shader and just cranked metal and reflection.
Render setting was 250 samples, tiles size was 256, I also used the new denoise on and the average frame rendered out on GPU at about 3.5 minutes per frame.

I have a gtx 1080 ti with the rysen 1770x

Creating the lightmaps in the walls was a bit tricky