I used Boolean Difference and I'm not sure how to merge the faces.

Hey guys,

I’ve tried to dissolve the faces, and to do limited dissolve and all that, but it didn’t work. My searches have come to no avail. I want to smooth my dice, without the shading and lighting looking all janky like so:

It looks like this in edit mode:

Any help would be appreciated. I made this account especially for this. :smiley: Thanks!

Use Auto Smooth and adjust the angle and/or mark faces as flat shaded

Also using faces with more than 4 sides can give smoothing artifacts. Use knife (K) and/or connect vertices (J) to control your object topology

Use an Edge Split modifier and adjust the angle or mark selected edges as sharp (Ctrl+E)

Hey thanks a bunch! It worked alright! Now to make the bevel work… :yes: