I wanna decrease the bake time for physics, but how? Mantaflow?

Is mantaflow only about fluids? Anything else there?
I’d like a blender build made for rigid bodies. Especially for marble races.

Mantaflow is for fluid and smoke.

There is plenty of variables to optimize bake time, depends on your simulation problem.


Example, you can reduce vertices to minimum and then use subdivision to add vertices in render time.

Or, you can set substep to adaptive, so subframes are added when they are needed.

You can use halo object or line object instead of some polygon mesh in particles.

You can reduce number of particles.

You can minimize objects that are used in simulation.

Extreme cases, you can half your framerate from 60 -> 30 or 50 -> 25 and you can use video editing to double framerate. That doesn’t matter if there is high speed simulation that needs substeps.

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Mantaflow smoke is slower for the same grid resolution, but can give results of comparable quality at lower res und thus be faster in the end. For liquids, I’d say Flip Fluid is way superior to Mantaflow.

Marbles with rigid bodies shouldn’t be too expensive when collision is set to Convex Hull. But if it is, there is the Molecular addon. It only works with particles, which are assumed to be sphere-shaped for collision, but that sounds like it is what you need.

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Can you explain how Flip fluids are superior to Mantaflow?

I’m actually pleased with current Fluid simulation but what I’ve played with Flip fluids, I know that the bigger scale there is, more accurate it gets and current fluid simulation in fast moving objects give clearly worse results when scale is 1-10m and over 10m scale, current fluid simulation need slow motion.

Can you explain what are the problems in Mantaflow compared to Flip fluids?

Both Mantaflow and Flip Fluid use the same basic algorithm (FLIP) which is much better than the old fluid sim. So Mantaflow has the potential to get on par, but I find Flip Fluid superior in the details, e.g. it generates better surfaces, has more features (like Sheeting/Adhesion) and is more configurable (Surfece generation, Whitewater, Foam). Also I got the impression it is faster (although I did not do a systematic measurement).

What I’m not particularly happy in Flip Fluid is the obstacle treatment. Looks to me it gliches more quickly than the old sim (fluid dripping through the surface).

Which one will be the best solution on the long term remains to be seen. Maybe Mantaflow receives enough improvement when it is in the official builds.

As a side remark, some time ago there was a post in the dev forum offering to integrate Flip Fluid, but it was mostly ignored, which I found rather sad.