i want object mode bones to be the edit mode positions

okay… so i guess i did this wrong?? i took a rig from blendswap, and in edit mode moved it to line up with my human model,

in edit mode, the bones are all in the correct places i want them to be
if i go into object or pose mode, they move outside of the human-model’s body

is there a way to easily make the object/pose mode bone positions be the same as the edit modes??
… i tried reseting all pose positions (alt+g , alt+s, alt+r) … and that does totally nothing…

EDIT : … oh… i guess i have to remake the IKs myself? ok…

… or that doesnt work well either… it sorta does, but its still totally out of whack… sigh

try “apply pose as rest pose” i think this is what you’re looking for, just be sure to do it before you make the armature modifier.