I want the greyscale Z-depth map

How can I get a Z depth map in Blender? When I connect the Z pass to the image Viewer Output I always get a completelywhite image. I’m using 2.63 . I’ve tried using the Depth of field option on the camera. The depth of field with the defocus node works with the Z-depth. But it doesn’t show when I try to output it as an image. Can anyone help?

I want something like this:


The info is in there, try using a math node to ‘pull it out’. Like this… :slight_smile:

Edit: Yes, it’s good to insert the pic too, hehe… ;D

Or simply a Normalize node. :slight_smile:

No no no, the normalize node inverts the phasing of…

Just kidding. Didn’t know of it actually… I guess it takes min-max values and remaps them to 0-255…? ;D

anyway I can get the z depth with smooth edges?

Render at 3 times the wanted size, blur just slightly & scale it down to output size. At least this is what I’ve done in MentalRay having the same issue. Depthmaps are always aliased. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks guys! The Normalize worked! Cool!

You lost me there Farmfield. I got the techno-babble, but what about the min-max values? :smiley: