I want to backup my model 1-1 auto save, where i can find the auto-saves?

I want to backup my model and i want to find the auto saves but i can’t find the “temp” folder and so i can’t find where are the models in the hard disc.

I searched all the computer for that “temp” folder but it seem it is “invisible”.
So, where is that temp folder which have got all the auto-saves in it?


Windows… It’s under the Windows. You would need to click around different obstacles and questionnaires in order to convince your pc you are eligible to see this place…Then again, this might be under users/yourname/LocalSettings; same procedure applies.

That’s if you use your pc’s file browser. If you had used Blender’s and asked for File - Recover Auto Save you’d see Autosave files if there are such.

Thanks! i found the folder thanks to you,

but now i am facing a very funny problem…it says that i don’t have got the right to open the folder…it have got the “open” option but when i click open it write “you have been denied from opening this folder”
and it does not allow me to open it and go further more.

does some of you know how to fix that?

edit: the problem solved!
the all i needed to do is to change the folder which blender saves it’s auto saves. (i may not have got all the saves that i wanted since the saves are in temp folder and there is no way for me to load them 1-1 and save them separated in order to get all of them but for me the problem is solved…thanks!)