I want to loose 15poounds by the time 8th grade is over

Okay…I weigh 155 and im 5’5.5. I dont think i NEED to loose 15pounds but i want to…I think i’d Feel healthier…I want to do it mainly for football…I played outside linebacker and i think i can play Wide Receiver… I want to do it so i can get faster and stronger.

Anyone know the best way to do it? I know eat healthy and stay active…I live in Minnesota and winter is coming…and anyone that live in Minnesota knows what the winters are like…

Are you any good at racquet sports? If you are, play Racquetball at a local gym or court, and play it furiously, for about two hours a day. Sooooooo much fun lol. Also, watch your diet while you’re losing weight.

Seriously though, if you can get into racquetball, you will LOVE IT.

Good on ya Mate!

Cut down on animal based products ie meat, dairy, have loads of carbohydrates instead and often. And as Blade_Rain stated - exercise.

I’m in a partial fitness craze meself, so I follow the best of all they say. I go running three times a week, both sprinting and endurance. I find press-ups and situps quite good too - you ought to do these when you can’t get outside. Start gradually, then you’ll find as you have time, and if you are disciplined enough, you will do press-ups at least once a day, if not more. Remember, try it for six months, and you’ll get some good muscles with less strain and effort on your part. As for me, well I’ve been doin’ it for about 3 months!

The human brain weighs about 7 pounds.If you simply decapitate yourself you could loose a lot of weight really fast! Joking. Try not eating grains, and things made of corn. You will loose weight really fast. Lay off salt too, you can loose up to 5 pounds of water weight if you stay away from salt. Stay away from beer. Beer has lots of carbohydrates . Smoking weed also makes you fat from all the junk-food.Christian chicks are also not good, because they cause depression and blue balls, which can lead to over eating, drug use and drinking.

Run a few miles a day. Also, do a lot of core work (pushups, situps, leg lifts, plank). This will really help you in many ways, including weight, but more importantly, endurance, strength, and stress. It is better if you can find someone else to work with, as it helps to exercise with a friend.
You can start out with maybe a mile, and ramp it up until you’re doing 10 or so. A good routine is to a warmup jog, do the core work, and then do the real run. Make sure to really push it the last part of the long run (it be better if you could run all out the entire time, but who wants to do that? :D), as that is where you’ll be losing the weight.

Best of luck/

Learn to like diet sodas, there’s been many thousands of calories I didn’t get because of that. I love Diet Mountain Dew.

Do make sure you have salt though, salt is incredibly important. If you don’t have any, you’ll die.

My advice, don’t base it completely on weight. I went for getting fit a while back, and I put on a lot of weight quickly. I put on over a stone (>14 pounds) in a few months, but went from a 32" waist to a 30" waist and got a lot fitter (both strength and stamina). My regime was 2 sets of 2-3 hours of intense exercise (running, punching, core work) per week, and at least one high stress weight work (vertical pressups, with my bed, microwave and books on my back, situps with arms above head holding weights) session a week. I also ate loads. Constantly ate meat, potatoes, noodles, basic stuff, had lots of milk (basically all the things I like, none of this was forced). As snacks I had tins of tuna.

Then I did nothing for ages and lost it all. Easy come, easy go.

Look up Tim Ferris, he lost a lot of weight quickly with a decent diet (nothing dangerously left out, crank ideas).

edit - basically, do strength and speed training and eat well.

I used the South Beach Diet about 3 years ago and lost 15 lbs in about 3 weeks — I’m 6’1 and went from 190 to a manageable 173. “Manageable” means eating relatively healthy with an occasionally treat. I do a cardio + weight workout 3 times a week and have a reasonably active lifestyle. If I tried (i.e., skipped the beer and goodies) I could maintain 170.

The basics of this diet are similar to what several people have written: reduce sugar, fats, and carbohydrates, increase protein via lean meats like turkey, skinless chicken, and Canadian bacon. There is a surprising amount of sugar in fruits and juices so this diet trains you to understand moderation. For example, orange juice is good for your health but a 12oz. glass of orange juice represents about 3-4 oranges and quite a bit of sugar. Yes, you still need salt in your diet but there is a surprising amount of salt in many prepackaged foods. I salt food moderately as I cook it but never add salt at the table.

Bread and pasta metabolize as sugar so these are reduced substantially as are rice and potatoes.

The diet defines 3 stages and the first stage is strict (no sugar, no bread, pasta, rice, beer, etc.) Think tuna fish wraps, celery snacks (no carrots because they contain sugars), lots of water, Total cereal, and 1% milk. Coffee is not restricted but a reduction is recommended since it stimulates appetite.

Phase 2 lets you have bread and after about 2 weeks without that first piece of toast was heaven.

Anyway, it is a logical diet that is not really earth shattering but lays out a plan that is easy to follow. The book has many good recipes and ideas in it.

Good on you, lilgrudgeboy. This is the time to make the kind of changes you need, next thing you know you’re 50 and being diagnosed with diabetes with 150 pounds to lose. DAMHIK. I’d suggest that you and your folks go talk with a nutritionist, get some advice. You’re not far from Rochester, I’d bet Mayo would have some good folks to work with. I lived in Minneapolis for 20 years, so I know what winters are like there and what you’re up against. You might also try crosscountry skiing for a good aerobic workout. Bicycling is good in the summer - you’re not far from the Root River Trail, you could get somebody to drop you off at the upper trailhead (is it Fountain or Preston? Been a while since I was there) and ride down to Rushford for the pickup. And, for that matter, just walking is good. I’m down 20 pounds since June just from walking more, and I can feel it. Snowshoeing in winter might also be a good idea. Hope it helps, and best of luck on this. It’ll make a difference in your life. Oh, BTW, my son is in 9th grade, he’s taken up fencing and walks the mile and a quarter home from school, it’s really helped control his weight.

I weigh, uhh… ???. I’d guess 140 pounds (because of all the Blending I do), and I’m 5’ 7.5". I too am in eigth grade, LOL. But I don’t like sports at all. I’ve never watched a Superbowl! I’m serious!

And BTW, about weather, I think it might be global warming, because summer is comming later in the year here in SD. It’s hotter than it was in July right now! And two weeks ago, it was like 60 F. Now it’s like 110 F! I mentioned weather because LGB did, so…

All Right THANK YOU ALL! Well almsot ever post had somthing about beer in in…I am only 13…haha I dont drink

For the diets…this means i should cut back on Kool-Aid? =(

So really. Cut back on my bread(i dont ever really eat it) cut back on Dairy? Cut back on smoking all the pot i smoke or and dont for get the Christian Ladys! haha just kidding!

Egan…For the running…you RUN 10MILES!!! I can hardly run 1mile with out dying! But my goal by the next time we have to run the mile is to get it in under 8minutes…the past tries iv gotten it in 9m 30s and 11m 11s(wasnt trying). Well Like i said Its almost winter time…and Running in snow…Not fun…but I heard that running in cold makes you get air in better?

My high school(we have no middle school) has a Weight room. I go in there after Football is over because thats when my friends go. When i go in there I do about 40 squats of 135lbs. and then ill do about 100 leg curls of 50-80lbs depending on how my legs feel.No Bench Pressing because i look like a pussy when i do it. I max out at 65lbs =/

for push-ups i can do about 20 then my arms give out. Sit ups.I can probably do about 100…So if i didn 100 sittups everyother day thats like 400 sitt ups…and do like 10 pushups daily…

so someone want to give me a good meal idea? I LOVE TURKEY and Chicken…so…
For school meals we have salad bar…Or some pretty Tasty school food =L just kidding!

Thank you all for your comments

Dang! Dude that sucks!..You had to loose 150pounds? wow…Did you do it?

Well i take all this in to my head! I should start walking home…I get a ride…I live like 5 blocks away from the school…Fountain and Preston is about an hour away from St.Charles. But i dont have a bike to ride…Someone stole my 450$ bike =(… In the summer ill skate almost everday for about 8hours depending if my knees hurt and if its HUMID!..I want to move out to Calie.

But i think i will starting walking home starting next week…then maybe the week after that ill start jogging to the elementary school and back to my house…then after that run farther…I know its easier said then done…But i really want to give this a shot!
Thank you all!

I’m still working on it. Took me 30 years to get it on, it’s not gonna drop off overnight. Fortunately I live only a mile from a decent rail-trail, and my son likes to ride, so we can go biking. Sorry to hear about your bike, it sucks when somebody rips you off. Skating is good, be sure to take care of your knees and they’ll take care of you. You need aerobic activity, exercise that keeps your heart rate up, to lose weight. Lifting will build strength but doesn’t really get your heart rate up to where you need it.

Most of my loss is due to cutting down on carbs and fat, and the relatively simple act of getting off the bus a couple of stops early. I commute into downtown Washington DC via bus, instead of getting off at the closest stop I started getting off a stop early, then 2 stops, and finally 3. So I get off by the US Capital and walk just over a mile and a quarter to the office. So those 5 blocks to school may not seem like much, but it’s a great start and will make a diff all by themselves. You can do this, and it won’t be that hard, and it will help you all your life.

CD, I disagree.Here is the reason that I do. By the way, did you know that ASPARTAME is an excellent ant and bug killer? It’s true. Just find some ants and give them some.

Muscles are heavier than fat…

I think want to ‘tone’ you muscles, do you have access to a weights/(room)?

I do have access…I said that in my other post…Read(sorry dont mean to sound like a dick…or maybe im reading your post wrong or somthing)

KLTTL- Thank you for your words! Ever motivational! For the eating…This is going to be the hardest… I dont normaly eat Breakfast or supper.Just Lunch at school… ill Eat when i get hungry.
I think once my mom gets me my ipod ill start running more or being out side because i really cant stand not listening to music when i do stuff…Thats why i dont really pay attention in school…I need music…Its like my crack…=P

Thank you all!

Ah, sorry for not reading it, but anyways:

Great, that opens up alot of exercises. Toning you muscles will make your muscles more defined, increase you strength, and help you lose weight. Check out some great programs here. I recommend the ‘fat loss and toning’ section =P


Thank you so much for that! Really!

o speaking of running…Since we went out side for gym…Well since we went to the football feild…I Noticed that the warmup jog is less and less hard everyday… im gunna say its abouy 600 yards…

Here is another great site.
If you want to become an explosive fb player (or any athlete), work on your acceleration (not necessarily speed) because you will almost never reach you top speed, its all how fast you can run on the get-go. You can find some great acc. programs on that site. I also recommend pylometrics to increase your vertical jump, but do some research because you can easily overwork you body w/ those.

GL =]

Well, were the same age, and I’ve been a small fry my whole life.
Not short, but just skinny. Useless in sports, except for my strong thumbs lolorz lol AHM MACHOH.!
Just kidding. I don’t play video games much.