I want to remove the console window

Is there a way maybe through command lines or somthing to remove the console window.

PLEASE PLEASE, before you post let me tell you about me…

  1. I’m not a developer so I really dont care about console windows and such
  2. My question is how to remove the console window!
  3. I really really do not want the console window, it eats up real estate on my screen and the task bar, it also gets in the way of switching programs.
  4. Why oh why doesn’t blender just send info out in either message boxes or hide/unhide the console window as neccesary? oh well.

Get google desktop and get the widget that gives you multiple desktops to switch through, you can move the console window to its on desktop and then not even have to look at it.

But, I don’t think there is anyway to get rid of it. You should care about the console window though, it gives you your error messages!

I recommend Dexpot for virtual desktops on Windows. You could set it up so the Console always opens minimized to the System Tray, or set it so it is on a different desktop. Ton of other features as well (closest you can get to Compiz!).

what can you do with this google destop and where do you get it
i search it and i get a page for creating group for google!

i don’t think this was the right place?
more than one destop very interesting indeed - i d like to have that !

Using ubuntu you wont have any console by default … :smiley:


http://desktop.google.com/plugins/i/multidesktop.html?hl=en - theres the link to the multi-desktop thing

  1. My question is how to remove the console window!
    The console-window is needed to run Blender, so you can’t “remove” it. Wings 3D also has a window called “Erlang” which is also needed to run the program.

As I also wanted to get rid of this window I found a small nice application (not only for Blender) called “RBTray” which lets you minimize every window into your system-tray (the small icons next to your clock) so this might also be a good way to “remove” the console-window :slight_smile:
After installing the program you just have to right-click on the “minimize”-button of an application’s titlebar in order to minimize it to the system-tray.

Here’s the link:

If you remove the console window, and run some python script which gives error, It will be difficult to find where is the probem. If you using Python, it is recommended that you use Console window. When I make some python script for my work, It pur lots of checks on each function to know there I am. That all you can do with the Console Window.

Whatchoo all taking about? It’s as easy as a lonely girl at closing time.
(And equally worth avoiding, For reasons mentioned above )
You can do it the hard way - by recompiling it from source and finding the necessary flag in the makefiles, or you can do it the easy way. But remember, as others have said, the console provides useful information.

  1. Download and install a HEX editor - XVI32 is free and adequete
  2. Open Blender.exe in the hex editor
  3. Navigate to file offset 019C (hex) - 412 (dec)

You will have a byte that is 03

  1. Change this byte to 02
  2. Save.

This byte is part of the PE (portable executable) file header, and denotes the sub-system type. 03 Means it’s a console app 02 means it’s a GUI app.
Blender is actually a console app that also creates (and requires!!) GUI windows, though Blender won’t miss the console window, you may.

See image for the byte in question…


Blender should use an internal console. Having multiple windows open that can overlap completely goes against blender’s ui. Strange how everything is non overlapping except the console.

And to think that some people want multiple windows for blender 2.50! Having one single window is one of the things I really like about blender, and one which is notable and should be kept.

Sorry for digging out a old thread, but how is this possible to do for exported game exe file?

Or it can be done using Python script?

Yes you can use the Hex edit method for 2.49.

For me, the address of the ‘03’ bit is at 0x174 for Blenderplayer, and 0x184 for Blender.exe.

if anypne can give me an app to stop it from showing would be a great help. my school network prevents the console window from opening thus not opening blender. i need this for a school project any help would be as i said ery helpful :slight_smile:

@ Mpan3

interesting - i tough you could not remove it !

but is there a way to re direct the consol to a file may be ?

is this in 2.49 or 2.5

and can you give it for 2.5


hi sorry for my previous post, i have a problem when i “re-code” the byte in question. as i said in my previous post i want to run bleder on my school network . but all that comes up now is “avcodec-52.dll is not a valid windows image” what do i need to do to stop this and finally get blender opened

any help here would be appreciated

Hey there,

Just signed up on here as wanting to help out a little with a few basic ideas and development.

There are a few ways i can think to hide the console window, But virtually all will result in the form of it being shown at least for a small amount of time… Depends on your methods and languages.

I have just had a quick google to see what the first option might be, Which the first that came to mind was using python on the app startup to grab a handle of the command window and then apply a style/property change to the window to either hide it or what ever you want.

You can even style it to move to another screen and go fullscreen as a debug and change the whole window layout and then just get the text stream and use that how you please… example text logs…

But any back to the main point, If your wanting to remove the command window on windows. You just need to get the window handle using something like the API call of “FindWindowEx” which seems to be available via python extensions like win32ui/pywin32.

If for some reason as to which i dont see why, This wont work… Then you can expand into having your application execute a external snippet which will do this process via VBS,C++,C#,Java and so on…

To make it a little cleaner if you dont want the window at all… You can have an external application/script load the blend/exe file and have applied a minimize style to the windows until the command prompt can be handled and hidden then reshow your main window.

This is just one varying idea, Something i might look into trying if i get a little time. But otherwise have not had the need just yet to make this external… Tested, But not available atm as a snippet

If you build Blender yourself, just ensure you link against the Windows subsystem instead of the console subsystem.


If you want to easily change an existing build without to do hexhacking:


set correct /SUBSYSTEM and you’re ready.