I want to thicken flat faces

Do you see the red circled area? These are all just faces. I want to make them thicker. would anyone know how I would approach this?

Select the faces in Face Mode and extrude (Hotkey E) them.
Or if you want it procedural, use the Solidify Modifier.

But if you plan on doing something bigger or want to learn Blender and still struggle with such things, I would recommend watching and following a few YouTube Tutorials (i.e. the ones from BlenderGuru).

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Tried doing that but it just makes it weird:

All I want to do is thicken all sides.

I just wanted to answer @Patrick : I think he want’s some thing like :

I’m afraid you have to select the to directions by normal an extrude them manually, then fill the gaps and cleanup :frowning: