i wanted it to be my peugeot entry but...

damn! it looked so much like well those monster cars that smash little cars…unfortenatly i dont really think peugeot will build such a thing…maybe i can make some changes and still submit it…but meanwhile:
as you can see i’m in the early stages…it needs a lot of work!
C&C please!

if you think it’s really lame…it’s just the angle and lighting (those are lame) but the model isn’t that bad!
c’mone people! say something!

Im not a big fan of mostertrucks I just dont think they are sexy, and when i was younger i went to a mostertruck show and just got machine gunned by stones being sprayed about from wheel spin. if do another image but larger than i can give a better crit.

With a larger render, I’d like to see some OSA added.