I was half awake, and half asleep! (The milk incident)

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I took a quick nap yesterday afternoon to take a break from coding. I set my alarm to wake me up in 45 minutes. When it did wake me up, I was completely out of it! It’s weird that I can remember what was going on, but at the time I didn’t really comprehend anything.

But the strangest part was that my left leg wouldn’t work right. I couldn’t put any weight on it while I was walking or it would give out. I think my mind kept telling it I was still asleep or something.

It’s weird that everytime I’m only half awake I go and get a drink. Don’t know why I got a glass of milk instead of orange juice or something. But I took my drink and laid down and went back to sleep… still holding my drink. I woke up in a minute or so with milk everywhere! A few hours later I realized I had smelly, crusted milk on my ear. It was a pleasant experience.

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??? :-?

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Thanks for telling us.

Perhaps you should learn to drink coffee. If you are to spill it, you’ll notice it. But you probably won’t fall asleep anyway.

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That’s what I like about this forum, always something exciting and relatively irrelevant to read.
Thank you for sharing this experience.

  1. pofo

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okaaayyyyyyyy :-?

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hehehe make a movie out of it! :wink: a blockbuster hit through and through…why cant my life be interesting =( :wink:

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ROFL :smiley:
Thanks fellow, you saved my day :smiley:

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It is a good thing you don’t have a thirsty cat in the house. Your ears could have been severely damaged. :smiley:

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mmm… coding => sleeping => paralysis => bathing in milk => milk in the ear…
I GOT IT!! You are a space invader planning to conquer earth and you are telling your wife (into a secret language of course) who stayed on your mother plannet that you’ll be late for dinner!!
Hands up! You’re discovered!