I was practising composition and i kinda got stuck on what to do next any advice will be appreciated

i was practising composition and i kinda got stuck on what to do next any advice will be appreciated
i didn’t make the models

Clues about what you are trying to achieve, and what you have done would be helpful. You are asking us right now how to make footprints in snow, without telling us whether there are feet, or snow.

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oh sorry i didn’t think a lot about it
i want to do something like that

I am with Roken that it would help a lot to know more about what you are trying to achieve.

All that aside, I think an important note is that you have 2 extremes of value, meaning your balance will rely almost entirely on contrast to determine composition. Most humans in the western world and much of the east subconsciously expect things a certain way: left to right, top to bottom, back to front, center out, clockwise, dark to light, grayscale to vibrant. Consider the first of any of those 2 things to be your control and the second to be an effector. In order to establish balance, our brain will typically compare the effector to the control. If something leans more towards the effector in one area then you may be able to compensate by strengthening your control in a different part of you image. Lets look at some examples in your own photo. The pink part is largest in the lower right which makes it feel off ballance because looking center out it is both larger than the inside and ALSO larger on the right side. A simple way to fix this would be make it larger on the left closest to the center of the photo. Only slightly thoughy. You see how there is a taper from the center out? make the correction in a back to front form so the part in the center needs the least amount of change to make the biggest impact. The next area is, the character is brightest on the right side. You could balance this 2 ways. Add a rim-light on the left side to create a halo effect around the arm and head forming a stronger silhouette or b) you could move the entire character left about 1/3 the width of the body, probably just a little less. This will shift the feeling we get from it so the negative space carries more weight than the positive space.

There is of course more we can do but my last tip is this. If you ever feel like something is wrong in the composition, try making the photo very small, or taking a few big steps back from your screen. You well notice if the photo is off balance more quickly and problem areas in your composition will become more apparent. Other thing is, when dealing with colors, try not to have your monitors super bright. Brightness is great for balancing contrast but bad for balancing color and exposure so really its always a good idea to just leave them. Also, if you are trying to become an expert in composition (and I know someone will fight me on this but I have been doing it professionally long enough to see its clear value) you really need your room to be ballanced as well. Our eyes are affected by our environment. This may be too technical but I follow D65 sort of setup so I calibrate all my lights to be 6500k, I have an ambient light of about 20 lux, absolutely no lights next to or directly above the monitors, no reflections on screens, monitors should be producing about 50 lux at the center of the of the screen and possibly the most important is halo lighting. I light the wall behind my monitors to 50 lux as well. This gives me a nice clean uninterupted viewing position to make calculated decisions. Do you need this? no, great things have been done without it. But this is not expensive or hard to achieve so why not if you can!

wow thanks a lot this is the first time i got that match helpful criticism usually it’s either they say it look good or that they dont really know whats off in it

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Absolutely. Happy I could help

for some reason i lose some detail when i zoom out i dont know why

If this is Eevee I noticed that problem too in live view but I don’t have it in final renders