I was wondering if it was possible to not render everything

For instance, meters or an invisible line that an overlay passes through.
Much like render border

not sure what you want but look at occlusion culling, think you mean that?

theres a “local” socket in the coordinates (geometry) input node. use that with alpha clip and some math to clip areas in screenspace.

i have a planets gravity demo in resources. look in the Game Assets HUD blend and examine the aircraft.roll material.

not sure if it is the answer u looking for, but in the “Outliner” area : uncheck the little camera icon for each things u dont want to see renderer while gaming.

All very useful information.

Ok, I guess put simply; the results of a masking node

As a matter of fact, I think you might have the closest idea.
I’ll check it out.

Tried Physics Occluder with a big mesh in Overlay and it did the trick!
I’m not sure if that’s what you meant but, it did the trick.
Thanks again Cotaks!

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