I will wait for the dollar to go down to buy after fx.

if the dollar keeps going down i might buy adobe after fx very cheap.

A funny thing now is that, if you want to buy and you say you live in europe they charge you 1400 euros, but id you say you are in the united states its 999 dollars.

i’ll wait for the dollar to collapse :evilgrin:

The Dollar has gone up against the Euro a bit since the low, the Euro being worth a little less than 1.3 dollars now instead of 1.6.

The Japanese may get it cheaper, the Dollar is now worth less than 100 yen, though it rallied upwards against it today.

I don´t know about Adobe´s license policy, but as for Autodesk if you buy a US product, and activate it you have to change the license according to the country you use it in. Then you have to pay the price for the countrys license, or in that case the difference and the VAT (in germany 19%) are due too.

Better inform yourself or you will have a legal copy you cant legally use :slight_smile:

Also do not forget that you might have to pay customs duty (Zoll) if you get a packaged version which adds up to the price.
Oh and I do not think that the dollar is likley to drop much more instead it will probably regain on the euro.

I bought my copy of After Effects CS3 from the US. No problems registering it.

i “think” the dollar will go very low.

I’ve heard some rumors in many mainstream news and also independent news.

lets see what happends

Well, you don´t live far from me, and where i live, the dollar cought up again… like dragon said… The dollar was very low already… now its getting more stable and with the US elections on thuesday it will get another boost for sure…
From the lowset dollar you lost already ~30% price advantage till now…
(which is approximately duty, VAT and shipping cost)
only mobile data processing devices are dutyfree to import form the US to the EU. not software. and if it isn´t clearly declared, the officials can confescate it.

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