I wish I knew

(Elsdon) #1

I hate it when this happens.

I like this one okay up to the point where I realize that something is missing and I can’t put my finger on it.


Any suggestions would be welcome.


(IMProvisar) #2

A question and a suggestion.

Question… what’s that thing do, and what’s driving those wheels?

Suggestion… rotate the wheels. They wouldn’t rotate at the same speed, and so they’d rarely be perfectly lined up like that.

Looks good though.


(sofort99) #3

A small stantion to support the drive shaft on the small flywheel?

(bob_dog) #4

Don’t know what sort of feel you are going for, but the whole scene seems a bit bright and washed out. Perhaps a gloomier light setup?


(BgDM) #5

OK, everytting that everyone above me has said and then, make the stuff in the room cast shadows. Why is there a shadow from the fan in the window, but nothing else. This kills your image.

Nice work though. Get the stuff mentioned fixed up and it will be great.


(Phrangkk) #6

Lots of good detail but I think that the lighting is definately holding this pic back.
It looks as if the only light source(the one casting shadows) is coming in trhough the window. but you also have light from above as if the room had no roof. turn all your other lights down and let the window be very strong and you might get that dark room in midday feel.

Wow! my longest post ever!
I’ll be a monkey in no time!

good work

(Elsdon) #7

Comming along thanks to great suggestions. :smiley:


Maybe a bit too dark now?


(BgDM) #8

Not at all. That is the way it should look, IMO. :smiley:

I still think that there sould be some more shadows cast from the objects in the room. Place a shadow only spot light in the window at the same angle of attack as your light source outside the window and see what happens.


(humphrey) #9

I think there should be something on the back left wall… Maybe another window? maybe some other tool you created somewhere else hanging from a nail??
I dunno…
But it looks simply awesome. I wish I could produce rendering like that!!!

Oh yeah… What are you creating it for? Will you use it in animation or as a photo or what?


(IMProvisar) #10

Hrm… It looks like your shadows are still a bit off. The machine doesn’t seem to have a shadow from the light coming in the window (Look at where the shadow for the window’s fan is… there should be shadow from the machine there too). Looks really cool though.