I would like help making a cake, mostly just the textures

I want to make a mud cake and I would like help. The mesh shouldn’t be too hard, a cylinder with a slight point to one end should do (I’ve already done that much) but geting it to look like cake will be a lot harder for me. I don’t really have much materials experience at all.

Ohh, and today I bought myself a usb numberpad :smiley: it’ll be good to have a proper one again (before I got my laptop I used other peoples [mainly my fathers] desktops.

P.S. it’s 10:53 here and I did a lot of walking today (lugging my 'puter) so if I don’t make sense I can blame it on that.

EDIT: I want to make it because the birthday of someone I know through instant messaging is next month.

Pretty please help? Last time I asked for help here I didn’t really get any, most of the replies I got were just telling me that I should do a story board ( I felt was unnesicairy because I just wanted to make a simple, short animation for a science competition, and I usually do most of my designing in my head) or that what I was asking about had been asked before or something else equally unhelpful.

Well try to be more specific, what kind of cake? What re it’s toping etc: Cream, Chocolate, fudge, and what do you need help with?

Here’s a cake that I did…



I used PAINT as my texture here…

It is the GREEN paint.

Kashoki, chocolate should be fine, and I said what type in my original post. Chocolate flake things would be nice, but if I can’t make them (most likely due to my own lack of skill), it doesn’t matter much.

Spin, your cake looks good. I’ll read that thread properly later. Could you give a direct link to the texture you used? I can’t figure out which one it is.

Thank you both for responding.

Try this link

Copy and Paste ONLY!


Thanks. I’ll do some experimenting later.