I would like to remove 2 screem captures from a post

Hello. I would like to remove the link to an imgur video in a post where I posted the video about the problem I described. I also would like to remove the imgur video from the 5th reply as well(It is my own reply as well). The reason is when I took then screen video I accidentally made the capture too big and it is showing my desktop name unfortunately. I realized this and when I made new posts I captured the screenshots accordingly.I would like to remain anonymous on the internet, that is why I want to remove them. It won’t affect the quality of the post if the videos are removed since I provided a pastellall link as well, so if someone else faces the exact issue, they can still download the file. Here is the link to that post:

Thanks in advance…

I’ve removed the links for you. Please review and let me know if any other changes are needed.

Also, in the future, you’re welcome to flag your own posts. That often gets the attention of the moderation team faster.

Thanks a lot and thanks for the tip as well

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