I would like to transfer some objects from one of my scenes to another scene.

How do I do this? I want to transfer a sofa, 2 lamps, a coffee table and a book with materials and be able to move them around seperately in the new scene. Here is the scene I am moving them from. https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?438039-Sofa-I-modeled-in-blender&highlight=sofa Thanks

When you create your new scene, you can use objects from existing scenes but can choose to have a complete copy rather than referencing the original model.
Alternatively, if you are actually referring to a brand new Blender file, rather than a new scene within the same Blender file, use Shift+F1 and ‘Append’ the object from another Blend file. Make sure it’s Append and not “link”.

Thank you Colkai. I will give it a try. Will the material come with the object?

Yep, the object comes as it was stored, so materials, UVs etc.

Thanks, colkai.

You can also select the objects and copy with Ctrl-C and then open the file that you want them in and paste with Ctrl-V

Thanks unyxium. I’ve done it and am rendering out my scene. There will be a picture in the lighting and rendering forum around 3 hours from now and a final posting in the gallery. So far there is absolutely no noise or fireflies. I don’t believe I have ever had such a clear render.