I5 3317U support question

Just a quick question. Im not planing to do anything serious on this cpu. I just noticed that in 2.90 and never versions in blender preferences>System>Cycles Render Device, list is empty and i cant choose cpu for rendering. In previous 2.83.9 im able to choose cpu.

What is your GPU model? Does it show it in 2.90+ options to select some GPU? You show 2.83 and 2.90 screenshots of the Cycles Render Device section.

Hi, gpu is integrated intel hd4000. But im not tryin to render with gpu. I want only cpu.
Here is how it looks on 2.83.9

and here 2.90

I cant choose anything nor gpu/cpu.

But you said before:
In previous 2.83.9 im able to choose cpu

But I don’t see that in either of them you have been able to choose the CPU there. For CPU rendering in Cycles you don’t need to choose anything from preferences. It renders with CPU by default because you don’t have a compatible GPU for computation. From the preferences there will be an option to select your CPU only if you have a compatible computing GPU, and this is only for GPU+CPU hybrid render.
So in summary, you should be able to render with your CPU by default without having to configure anything.
The only difference I see in screenshots is that in Blender 2.90 the warning messages do not appear, and if you don’t have a computing capable GPU then it simply acts as if you have chosen the “None” tab.

So just in case to confirm I have understood correctly. If you open blender, you switch to Cycles and then Render image. So it renders correctly with 4 visible tiles working at the same time, right?

No, you did not understand. It does not matter what was choosen in 2.83.9. I can render with cpu.
In 2.90 there is nothing in cycles render device, and i cant render with cycles. I can only choose workbench or eevee.

Is Cycles enabled from Edit > Prefernces > Add-ons? (You use the search field as you do with any addon / plugin)

At some point for some version of Blender there has been a bug where Cycles was disabled from addons preferences. You must have fallen into that bug that is supposedly fixed in new versions (but not if you had been copying previous configuration between versions).

Yes, i did not expected that something like cycles could be in addons tab. Thanks for help.