Ian Lloyd Dela Cruz Sketchbook

The Runner. (Thread Thumbnail)


ooh, cool character
is that a cavity texture I see?

yeah just a simple preview shader for this post. :), i’ll be finishing this up by sunday hopefully.

use rake and the flat curve for this one. makes brushes act like a sharp clay strips, useful for hard surface mostly, and for keeping everything planar for organic at the roughing out stages.

looks great,I hope to do hardsurface sculpt eventually.

ben simonds had some trim brushes here if you are interested http://bensimonds.com/2013/05/01/smarter-scrape-brush/

thnx man, i’m already using a modified version of the ben simond brush. :), really helpful.

this is such a tight community i’m not suprised you already saw the brushes hehe

do you plan to retopo this sculpt,or is it just a fun thing?

yeah this two will be finished. im gonna render the first as a bust and resketch from the neck down to make it a full model.

Nice work !

just a quick stuff.

you know what would be awesome, if they plugged the simplify brush to something like alt+left mouse (or something), like the smooth brush which is shift+left mouse, could make dyntopo a whole lot faster.

an earlier sculpt. i think in the alpha stage of my sculpting, :),

i’m still perfecting a more refined workflow using dyntopo achieving a detailed look without going too much hi res.

but a little advice would be to “build high then turn low”, that simply means you sculpt on a smaller detail size, i usually work at "30 to rough big shapes, 20 to refine some forms + achieve some medium shapes and under 20 after that for the rest of the sculpt, refining, achieving more shapes and details. use the auto collapse toggle when you have to, plug it to a hotkey you’re most comfortable with, simplify brush in between details to manage the resolution a bit better and also use the pie menu for sculpting, pretty damn awesome.

Cool stuff.

OT: THERE IS A SIMPLIFY BRUSH? I wish I had known about this earlier.

yeah you have to enable it, by creating a new brush then at the brush>sculpt tool enable simplify.

working on this lately.

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quick color for my lunch crunch. lol.

love the yellow dude,latest sculpt looks great.

very appealing shapes!

dyntopo crunch.

few works i have in tow, first one with the screenshot is the latest one im planning to finish.


Very good work !

Cool stuff, love the way you do arms and upper torso!
Keep rockin’